To get a status notification on production you must provide the URL of a Webhook that will always be listening for an HTTP POST request.

To register a Webhook in production you must send an email to [email protected] specifying your vendor’s name and user-secret. A Clicklease rep will register your URL in the system to start getting status notifications. In addition to the URL, you can also have an specific header name and value, if you are interested please let us know in your request.

When our system POST a status notification in the registered URL, the following body is sent:

Application Status notification

	"appId": "1003456",
	"statusTypeId": 0,
	"statusTypeName": "Application Status",
	"status": "PROPOSAL"

Bank Verification Status notification

	"appId": "1003456",
	"statusTypeId": 1,
	"statusTypeName": "VOD Status",
	"link": "{baseURL}/finicity-link?token=[token]"


This body includes the application id “appId” and the name of the new status of the application.

If you are just testing your initial setup, you can use the following endpoint: Notification Test